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About Phoenix Roasters

Providing relief through the sale of excellent coffee.

Great Coffee Tells a Story.

Phoenix Roasters began in 2010 with a mission to provide relief for life transformation through the sale of excellent coffee. After formation we uncovered local and international concerns that could not be ignored. A push within the coffee industry to increase profit and lower the cost to the consumer left coffee farmers and their employees without adequate financial compensation while encouraging environmentally hazardous growing practices to increase product yield.




Single Origin


Arabica Coffee


Roasted Fresh


Quality Coffee Tastes Great

We hold unwaveringly to the belief that no cause is worth drinking a bad cup of coffee. Someone might try it once, but unless the coffee is excellent, they would be reluctant to come back for more.

We sell 100% Arabica coffee, grown and rated as specialty coffee. While most of our coffee is single origin, our blends take into consideration complementary flavors and tastes, avoiding blends of lower quality beans.


Learn About Coffee that Matters

Does your coffee matter?

Coffee that Matters

Aware of the importance of accountability and relationships, at Phoenix Roasters we purchase our coffee direct from the coffee farm at a price substantially more than the “fair-trade” minimum. Purchasing direct ensures maximum compensation to our farmers and their workers resulting in daily wages over 300% more than other farms.
Each bag of Phoenix Roasters sold also resources domestic relief projects such as ending the commercial exploitation of children, ending homelessness, restoring abuse victims, supporting single mothers, and much more. We call it The Cycle of Relief.


Meet the Team Behind Phoenix Roasters.