We are really excited about the 41,800lbs of coffee that has arrived from Honduras. Through our partnership with Abundant Life Coffee Group, we now have the potential to generate over $160,000 in economic relief. ALCG has been working with the Lanca people group in Honduras to help them plant their own farms and create a sustainable revenue source for their families.

Greg Hines, the founder of ALCG, shared that the most exciting cooperative they are forming involves 16 single mothers, modern day widows and orphans. A modern day widow and orphan refers to women and children whose husbands and fathers have abandoned the family and refuse to provide care and support. What a beautiful picture of redemption, that by being educated about how to grow their own coffee these mothers can now provide for themselves and be released from the bondage of plantation owners.

Now, Phoenix Roasters will be able to purchase green coffee from single mothers, roast the coffee as a means of supporting single mothers in their community, and sell that same coffee to generate sustainable income for organizations like StreetGRACE who are fighting to end exploitation and injustice.