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Coffee Fundraising that Matters

The Best Coffee Fundraiser Begins with the Best Coffee

Coffee Fundraising Made Simple

If you are looking for a great fundraising idea, look no further than our coffee fundraiser. We have a well developed online platform that allows you and your team to raise money through direct donations and the sale of ethically traded coffee. Our system tracks the coffee you sell and ships directly from our warehouse to the homes or offices of your supporters. Once you have set up your fundraising page, which takes only a few minutes, and send us some info about your organization, the approval process to begin raising funds usually takes less than 24 hours.  When you have been approved, you can start raising money or taking donations immediately.


Setup Your Fundraiser in Three Simple Steps



Dollars per Year

It’s absolutely FREE to start fundraising with us.

Why Fundraise with Us?

We make fundraising simple. Whether you’re looking to accept donations or find a product based fundraising option, our system has it all. Avoid the headache of managing a team and let our system do the work. No door-to-door, don’t handle product, and receive a check every month with the funds you’ve raised.

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More than a Fundraiser

By leveraging our unique fundraising idea, you also empower your community to direct their consumer resources into making a difference in the coffee industry. Provide a quality product, fund international relief efforts, and raise money for your cause.

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It is now easier than ever to buy coffee and share our story.

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