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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happened to Phoenix Community Coffee?                                                                                                                                                     To increase our impact and reach an ever growing audience and sphere of influence, as of May 2015, Phoenix Community Coffee changed it’s name to Phoenix Roasters. We’re excited about this new chapter in the Phoenix Journey.
  • What is coffee?
    First, coffee is a fruit, not too much different than a grape. Once ripe, the berry is picked, processed, and roasted. In most cases, the roasted bean is the only interaction most individuals have with coffee.
  • Where did coffee originate?
    Turkey. No wait, Ethiopia. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Coffee is believed to have been discovered by a goat farmer who noticed his herd was somewhat “energized” after eating these “berries”. It didn’t take long before processing methods began to develop to extract this substance we call “caffeine”.
  • Which coffee has the most caffeine?
    Think cooking. The longer something is exposed to heat, the less flavor and distinguishable attributes it yields. Coffee is no different. Lighter coffee has both more caffeine and more flavor. Darker roasts will have less caffeine and taste much “simpler”.
  • What is the number one secret to making a quality cup of coffee?
    Filtered or spring water (not distilled) and, of course, using Phoenix Roasters.
  • What is the best way to brew coffee?
    To maximize flavor, a French Press is a great “brew-tool” that allows the water more contact with the grounds.
  • What does shade grown or cloud grown mean to the taste and quality of the coffee itself?
    The longer the berry remains on the plant during the growing season, the more indigenous flavor it draws from the soil, the richer the flavor, and the more distinguishable it is from other coffee. Therefore the slower it grows the better. Shade, combined with high elevations and quality plants, allows the coffee to stay moist and cool. These conditions are optimal for great coffee.
  • Where is the coffee grown?
    This year’s harvest comes primarily from the Caballero Farm in Panama, but we also have bean from the Novichock Farm in Guatemala and Hines Farm in Honduras.
  • Where is the coffee roasted?
    In Duluth, GA at The Phoenix Roasters Facility.
  • Is the coffee “fair trade?”
    Fair trade has become a nebulous term full of bureaucratic red tape. If you are asking, “is the coffee purchased at an ethical price, and are the farmers and migrant pickers cared for and known by our partners?” then the answer is yes. We work directly with each of our international coffee partners ensuring quality working conditions and appropriate payment. This is why we consider our coffee “ethically traded” rather than fair trade.
  • Is the coffee “shade grown?”
    It is shade grown (meaning there are banana trees planted throughout the fields creating a canopy over the coffee plants), and it has recently been branded “cloud grown” which is given to coffee that receives shorter amounts of sun due to the canopy and the clouds in the higher elevations in this region of the world.
  • How old is the average bag of coffee in the grocery store?
    It depends. At its oldest, it can be anywhere from 4 months to a year old. Fresh coffee needs room to “breathe”. If the bag or can is sealed with no air valve, the coffee was most likely fairly old when it was bagged. Factoring in distribution and time on the shelf, who really knows?
  • How fresh will my coffee be?
    The average bag of coffee purchased during the week will be no more than 2 weeks old upon delivery.
  • Can I brew Phoenix Roasters with a K-Cup?
    K-Cups are great for convenience, but the quality of the coffee just doesn’t measure up to Phoenix Roasters. They also produce an enormous amount of waste per cup, and can cost up to $30 per pound of coffee! Instead, we recommend you purchase a refillable cup for your single brewer or try filling your Keurig brewer with coffee from Phoenix Roasters.
  • Can I refund my order?
    In the event that your order needs to be canceled and your purchase refunded, you will receive the purchase amount, minus transactional fees. Orders cannot be refunded once they have shipped.

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