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Great Cause

Your Purchase Fuels an Ongoing Cycle of Relief.


The Cycle of Relief

We believe coffee should taste great, but more importantly, the best coffee makes a positive impact. The positive impact we focus on is both domestic and international. At Phoenix Roasters, we describe our impact as the Cycle of Relief. From the cup you brew, to our roasting facility, to our international farmers, to their indigenous workers, your purchase fuels this cycle.

Employing Indigenous

In most cases, people do not need a handout. What they need is a job that promotes dignity and equips them to provide for their family. We believe in paying a socially responsible amount for our coffee which creates financial margin for our farmers to pay their employees an ethical wage.

Empowering Farmers

We raise the bar when it comes to coffee with a cause. Not only do we pay our farmers an ethical wage, we empower them to do likewise. Our farmers are not only paying their employees an ethical wage, they are also involved in relief efforts in their community. One, for example, involves feeding the single mothers and widows weekly at a Panamanian Hospital.

Our Coffee Partners

As more people join the Phoenix Roasters, our relief efforts continue to grow. Not only are we championing relief in the coffee industry, we’re championing it in our own backyard. We do this by supporting organizations that are fighting sex trafficking, ending homelessness, and providing relief to single mothers.