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Green Coffee Bean

You can't have the best coffee without great green coffee beans.

Our Green Coffee Bean

The best coffee begins with the best green coffee beans. In the spirit of community, we make our green coffee bean available for purchase to individuals and coffee roasters.

Are you into DIY Coffee Roasting?


Need Green Coffee Bean?


Want Ethically Traded Green Bean?

Our green coffee bean ‘cups’ in the top 1% of coffees.

Green Bean

Our Panamanian green bean comes from the Caballero Farm in the mountains of Panama near the Costa Rican boarder. Grown among lemon grass, our Panamanian Coffee has citrus notes. This years harvest cups in the top 1% of coffees in the world.

Green Bean

Our Honduran green bean comes from the Lenca Indian Tribe in the cloud drenched mountains of Honduras. The soil conditions give this bean a nutty note. Like our Panamanian bean, this green bean cups among the top 1% of coffee in the world.


Green Coffee Bean

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