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During this summer I was able to go to our coffee farm in Panama. We were there to meet the Caballero family and help build housing for the indigenous workers that live on the farm. These great people help with the everyday upkeep of the coffee and produce that is grown on the farm. The Caballero family is passionate about giving relief to those less fortunate in their region. It was awesome to see the homes the indigenous were moving into, instead of the bamboo shacks where they previously resided. The homes are going to have indoor plumbing and electricity. It was so great to be a part of the effort to serve these wonderful people.

While there, we got to see why our coffee is some of the best coffee in the world and participated in the planting of 1000 new coffee trees. The family even let us name the new field. It was coined with “The Phoenix Field”. Wow, what an experience. The work that just goes into planting is overwhelming. Up and down the side of steep hills. The workers there ran circles around us. We were exhausted, and gained a great appreciation for the great cup of coffee that we get to drink here morning after morning.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and thank you for your helping us bring relief to those and other by just drinking the best coffee.

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  • Roger Miller

    Do you people sell the single packs off coffee for a single cup machine? If so what kind of coffee is it ar Millernd we like medium roast blend.Thanks Roger Miller

    • Jay Johnson

      Hey Roger,

      We do not sell the single packs. We have many people who use a reusable single cup and fill it with our coffee however. Our medium roast is single-sourced 100% Arrabica as is all our coffee.

      Hope you order and enjoy some.



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