I just returned from working with our coffee farmers in Guatemala. While there we were able to be a part of our Father’s Love Offering by bringing Dignity and Relief to the poorest of Guatemala. We were able to lead a group of 32 mission volunteers from our partner church, St. Luke UMC in Columbus, Ga. Together we were able to build kingdom relationships as we constructed 2 houses for single mothers in the San Juan Moca village. We also were able to provide a medical clinic with 3 doctors and a full pharmacy of prescription medication. We saw over 400 patients and diagnosed over 200 cases of intestinal worms. God’s love and relief was evident as we taught English and the Bible to over 100 children a day. In partnership with the mission volunteers from St. Luke UMC and by paying our farmers 5 times more than fair trade, we were able to employ 15 people at 1/7 of their annual salary. Now this is the kind of relief that comes from #CoffeeThatMatters. God is good!


Brian T. Holland, Founder/Pastor,

The Phoenix Community of Atlanta &

Phoenix Roasters #CoffeeThatMatters