Looking for a Coffee Roasters Shop in John’s Creek?


Come check us out: Phoenix Coffee Roasters in John’s Creek at the Atrium Café!

If you care about quality like us, you will love our commitment to finding and sourcing the highest quality top-ranked coffee beans. Not only do we strive for a total commitment to quality, but we only source direct trade coffee. Meaning, you are supporting farmers directly as we are fully committed to paying an average of 300 percent more than current fair wages. We know how much of a difference a single cup of delicious tasting coffee can make for our customers and we strive to make a difference throughout our entire supply chain.

Each bag of coffee we sell supports a variety of causes. Not only do we pay top compensation to our farmers and their respective workers, but we also support all kinds of other domestic relief projects including but not limited to ending the commercial exploitation of children, reducing homelessness, and more. We strive to make a difference not only for our customers but also for the communities we operate in. We feel every business should have this type of level of accountability to provide what we call, “The Cycle Of Relief“.

Why Choose Phoenix Roasters in John’s Creek at the Atrium?

You might be wondering why you should choose John’s Creek Coffee Roaster Shop. The fact is, we work as hard as possible to give you every reason to.

100 Percent Quality

We have a commitment to producing the highest quality coffee possible. Because of this, we only use 100% Arabica beans. While other coffee roasters are looking to save money with blends, we focus on perfection. Arabica beans are the highest quality coffee beans and that is what you can expect in every single bag.

100 Percent Single Origin

We know how important consistency is with each bag. As a result, we never source the same bag from different origins. We know the variables this can produce which can cause one of your cups of coffee to taste different from the rest. That isn’t something acceptable to us. We strive for consistent perfection and we ensure this by sourcing each bag 100% single origin.

We Care About Our John’s Creek Community

We know how important it is to give back to the community that you live and work in. We are fully committed to doing this and serving our communities. Each bag of coffee helps those in need and various people in the communities that we serve. We strive to make “Coffee That Matters.”

We Have Nitro Craft Beverages in John’s Creek, GA

We have the increasingly popular Nitro coffee that everyone craves. If you simply can’t get enough of Nitro infused coffee, you can count on us to deliver. It’s even more than Nitro coffee because we utilize our own patented technology that allows us to create a smoother and much more bold Nitro beverage with 30 percent more caffeine in every ounce. You simply have to try it to believe how smooth we managed to make our Nitro beverage.

Coffee is a consumable product. That doesn’t mean it can’t matter. The next time you look to get a cup of coffee, look to make a difference. Our slogan is “Coffee That Matters” for a reason. Not only do we strive to perfect each cup of coffee for our customers, but we give back to the hardworking members of our supply chain and the communities we serve. It’s more than just a cup of coffee for us.

Visit us in John’s Creek at the Atrium located at 9500 Medlock Bridge Rd, Johns Creek, GA 30097.