Over the last few months we have been going through a company rebranding. In this process of updating our websites, we had some temporary glitches that caused some of our partner pages to not be able to complete their orders. We have resolved these issues and you are able to complete your transactions. We are so sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued support. Order away!!!
OH YEAH! And after you have read this post, check out the new commercial that our friend Jeff Foxworthy has made for us. You can use this to show at your church or ministry. God Bless!!


Experience a new coffee:  
We have a very limited supply of a new coffee.  It is called “Honey” processed coffee.  It is a way of drying the bean which allows the bean to absorb it’s own natural sweetness back into the bean.  It produces an incredibly sweet and flavorful cup of coffee.  You will have to order some for your self.   Again, it is a very limited supply!
Experience our missional trips to the farm:

We partner with incredible missional coffee farmers.  God has blessed them to grow some of the best coffee in the world! We tell our groups each trip to watch the family: to watch how they love the Lord, to watch how they love each other and to watch how they love the farm.  In these you will see the blessings of the Lord!

The best way for you to experience their missional heart, besides drinking our coffee, is to go to the farm.  We do several trips each year to our farms in Panama and Guatemala.  We are currently putting together a trip to our Honduran farm for next year.  On these trips each participant experiences working on the farms, doing missions with the families in their communities, and personal life change.  These are some of the statements of people that went this year. We asked them what they were going tell people whenn they asked, “How was your mission trip?”

These are some of the statements of people that went this year.

Addie: it was life changing! God really taught me that I have to allow people in to love me in order to help others and I’m never alone; I am special and loved.
Niki: Amazing! God really taught me to be open to new experiences & people by blessing us with the most kind, giving, and loving family who taught and humbled me to want to show others that kind of Christ like love.
Joe: This is a trip that I will never forget. God taught me that to live on a mission for Him daily is to simply play my part in His family each and every moment. If I want to continue abiding and trusting in His process for my life, I must begin by loving my family first, as Christ would and the rest will flow after. God is Love and our greatest commission is to share that Love.
Jimmy: God taught me to trust him more and be patient. That I need to invest in my family and friends even when it feels like they do not do the same. Will You Trust Me
Nicole: God taught me what Christ-like love looks like. How I should sacrifice my life and pour into others to be a witness of God’s love.