• Top specialty bean from the country where it all started and roasted to perfection. Our natural Ethiopian coffee in a 2 lb bag.
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    "Our Panamanian Certified Geisha is grown at an altitude of 6000 feet on the Coata Rican boarder of Panama. Geisha coffee plants are known for their elongated fruits. Geisha coffee exhibits a subdued yet intense floral and jasmine-like aroma. While floral, you will experience bright citrus notes with a great aftertaste that provides a distinct bergamot-like note. Roasted to a lighter roast, you will experience all that this world class bean has to offer. Try an 8oz. bag today!"
  • When you purchase Phoenix Roasters coffee, you already support missions, dignified relief around the world, and church planting here in the US. Now, for this limited time, when you buy from this special link and page, $3 of every bag will also go to Open Doors and the support of the persecuted church in places like Egypt, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. This is specialty coffee, usually selling for as much as $20 for the 12oz bag. You not only get excellent coffee at a discount, but you also support some amazing causes with #CoffeeThatMatters. Price options range from $12.95 to $13.95 Decaffeinated (add $1.00) Flavored Caffeinated (add $1.00)
  • 12 oz. Coffee

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    Price options range from $13.45 to $15.45 Decaffeinated (add $1.00) Flavored Caffeinated (add $1.00) Espresso Roast (add $1.00)
  • 2 Lb. Coffee

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    Price options range from $26.50 to $30.50 Decaffeinated (add $2.00) Flavored Caffeinated (add $2.00) Espresso Roast (add $2.00)
  • 5 Lb. Coffee

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    Price options range from $64.95 to $74.95 Decaffeinated (add $5.00) Flavored Caffeinated (add $5.00) Espresso Roast (add $5.00)
  • Fractional Packs ( Quantity 50 )

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    Our Fractional Packages (Fracs) simplify the brewing process by prepackaging our coffee one pot at a time.  We have packaged them here for FREE SHIPPING at 50 per order. Simply rip and pour.  Depending on your brewing method and taste, choose either our 1.5 ounce or 2.0 ounce frac.  If you are brewing with a "Bunn" type commercial brewer you will need the 2.0 ounce frac.  Most home machines are great with the 1.5 ounce frac, but if you like an extra robust and strong cup of coffee, feel free to try the 2.0 ounce frac.  Fracs make an excellent party gift or organizational give away.
  • Phoenix Roasters K-Cups

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    12 Count $10.95 50 Count $41.95 Brew Phoenix Roasters Coffee at your work, church, school, or community event with our New K-Cups!! Our K-Cups are 100% recyclable. Each pod is packed with freshly roasted Panamanian, pesticide free, Kosher Certified coffee. Choose between our 12 count and 50 count boxes, and enjoy a cup of #coffeethatmatters®!
  • Natural Select 12 oz.

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    Our new Natural Select Line is coffee that is cloud grown in the cloud saturated, naturally shaded, high altitude regions of our partnering countries around the world. It is then hand harvested, and ensures the maximum amount of indigenous flavor possible. Coffee that is naturally processed has gone through the most intensive preparation in the coffee world. Instead of the normal washing method which prepares the coffee for drying within 48 hours of harvest, the Natural Select Process takes up to 15 days of drying with the coffee fruit (the cherry) still on the bean. This takes great skill and attention as our farmers constantly turn the coffee fruit and monitor the air flow. During this time, the coffee is busy absorbing the maximum amount of sweetness and flavor profile as possible. With our Natural Select Processed coffee you are very literally drinking from the essence of the farm and farmer’s life and soul. Congratulations! This is as good as it gets.