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60 Flavored Fractional Packages

60 Flavored Fractional Packages


Our Fractional Packages (Fracs) simplify the brewing process by prepackaging our coffee one pot at a time. We have packaged them here for FREE SHIPPING at 50 per order. rip and pour.  Depending on your brewing method and taste, choose either our 1.5 ounce or 2.0 ounce frac.  If you are brewing with a “Bunn” type commercial brewer you will need the 2.0 ounce frac.  Most home machines are great with the 1.5 ounce frac, but if you like an extra robust and strong cup of coffee, feel free to try the 2.0 ounce frac.  Fracs make an excellent party gift or organizational give away.  Try just your favorite or go for the variety pack with 10 of each of our flavors.



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