You’re not going to believe this!

Two of the days that I was in Panama, I got the awesome privilege to go and learn more about roasting from one of the top roasters in Central America, Javier Pitti. Javier has roasted for the Emperor of Japan and has just recently won an international roasting competition, besting one of the top American roasters. This guy knows his stuff. I spent most of the first day just learning more about coffee and the processes that they use to dry the coffee. We also talked about the bean and what happens during roasting. Mind blowing! I never thought that I would ever know what I do about coffee. We roasted on a table top roaster and prepared several different types of coffee for cupping. Cupping is the process that allows the professionals to smell, taste, and grade the coffee. I never knew that so much went into getting my morning cup of coffee… at least the quality of coffee that makes up Phoenix Roasters’ offerings.

Later that evening we went to Javier’s home and roasted coffee on the roaster that he built himself in his back yard using car parts and sheet metal. The man is a genius. Everything that we know here at Phoenix Roasters about roasting, we learned from Javier. Javier believes in what we are doing to help reach out to our community and has given about a week of his valuable time to us for free. We have become good friends and continue to work together to bring you the best cup of coffee, one roast at a time.

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