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  • Green Coffee Bean

    Our green coffee bean selections come form Central America and rank within the top 1% of coffee in the world. We also offer this bean by the sack and by the pallet. Please contact us at: for pricing. Our Panamanian green coffee bean comes from the Caballero Farm in David, Panama by the Costa Rican boarder. Our Honduran green coffee bean comes from the Lenca Indian Tribe in the mountains of Honduras. Our Guatemalan green coffee bean comes from the Novichoch Farm in the Volcanic Mountains of the Lake Atitlan Region.
  • Phoenix Roasters K-Cups

    From: $10.95
    12 Count $10.95 50 Count $41.95 Brew Phoenix Roasters Coffee at your work, church, school, or community event with our New K-Cups!! Our K-Cups are 100% recyclable. Each pod is packed with freshly roasted Panamanian, pesticide free, Kosher Certified coffee. Choose between our 12 count and 50 count boxes, and enjoy a cup of #coffeethatmatters®!
  • The mission of Phoenix Roasters is to provide relief which creates margin for life transformation through the sale of excellent coffee... and some great T-Shirts. Depending on sizes and colors we have in stock at the time, you may have a wait of 4-6 weeks for delivery of your T Shirt.
  • 5 Lb. Coffee

    From: $64.95
    Price options range from $64.95 to $74.95 Decaffeinated (add $5.00) Flavored Caffeinated (add $5.00) Espresso Roast (add $5.00)
  • 2 Lb. Coffee

    From: $26.50
    Price options range from $26.50 to $30.50 Decaffeinated (add $2.00) Flavored Caffeinated (add $2.00) Espresso Roast (add $2.00)
  • 12 oz. Coffee

    From: $13.45
    Price options range from $13.45 to $15.45 Decaffeinated (add $1.00) Flavored Caffeinated (add $1.00) Espresso Roast (add $1.00)
  • Natural Select 12 oz.

    From: $17.45
    Our new Natural Select Line is coffee that is cloud grown in the cloud saturated, naturally shaded, high altitude regions of our partnering countries around the world. It is then hand harvested, and ensures the maximum amount of indigenous flavor possible. Coffee that is naturally processed has gone through the most intensive preparation in the coffee world. Instead of the normal washing method which prepares the coffee for drying within 48 hours of harvest, the Natural Select Process takes up to 15 days of drying with the coffee fruit (the cherry) still on the bean. This takes great skill and attention as our farmers constantly turn the coffee fruit and monitor the air flow. During this time, the coffee is busy absorbing the maximum amount of sweetness and flavor profile as possible. With our Natural Select Processed coffee you are very literally drinking from the essence of the farm and farmer’s life and soul. Congratulations! This is as good as it gets.
  • Fractional Packs ( Quantity 50 )

    From: $75.00
    Our Fractional Packages (Fracs) simplify the brewing process by prepackaging our coffee one pot at a time.  We have packaged them here for FREE SHIPPING at 50 per order. Simply rip and pour.  Depending on your brewing method and taste, choose either our 1.5 ounce or 2.0 ounce frac.  If you are brewing with a "Bunn" type commercial brewer you will need the 2.0 ounce frac.  Most home machines are great with the 1.5 ounce frac, but if you like an extra robust and strong cup of coffee, feel free to try the 2.0 ounce frac.  Fracs make an excellent party gift or organizational give away.
  • 2 Lb. Coffee (Subscription)

    From: $26.50
    Price options range from $26.50 to $30.50 Decaffeinated (add $2.00) Flavored Caffeinated (add $2.00) Espresso Roast (add $2.00)
  • Coffee Toffee

    Our Coffee Toffee is lovingly handmade with only the best ingredients, including a hint of our delicious, freshly-roasted coffee. Our toffees pair beautifully with a warm cup of your favorite Phoenix Roasters Coffee. Now made with Guatemalan cacao!!
  • The Hyper Sample Pack!

    Get our Hyper Sample Pack! This is our best combo if you'd like to try our amazing coffee and quality merch. Included: 12 oz Pesticide Free Panamanian Medium 12 oz Guatemalan Medium 12 oz Certified Organic Ethiopian Natural Processed Blessed and Highly Caffeinated T-Shirt 2 Phoenix Roasters Diner mugs Phoenix Roasters Beanie This Hyper Sample Pack won't be available forever. Get yours today!
  • When selecting a disposable coffee cup for serving, paper is the top choice. Our 40 count sleeve of 8 ounce insulated cups are ideal for enjoying Phoenix Roasters #coffeethatmatters!