We have a saying, “To be a part of Phoenix Roasters – it will cost you something.”  There is another saying, “there are only two things for sure in this life  – death and taxes.”  I have not found many who look forward to either death or taxes.  There are quite a few people who look forward to a really good cup of coffee.  Our coffee has had its’ costs.

A truth that we have discovered is that though death, life comes.  A seed must “die” in the ground to bring new life.  Because of the death of the seed, the new plant provides much fruit for us to enjoy.  What is interesting for many aspects of life, something has to die to bring life.  Death can be very painful and costly.  One has to look hard to find the good in it.

Our very beginning and existence as Phoenix Roasters came through several years of dreaming and hard work.  Our beginning also took death.  To say that we had very little in the beginning would be an understatement.  We had no finances.  We had no facility.  We had no roaster.  We only had faith, dreams and a hard work ethic.

Through dreaming, hard work, and death, God provided “new life” for a coffee company to begin.  Through the death of a business came our facility in which we roast.  Through the death of a friend came the finances that we used to begin our business.  Through the death of a father came the roaster that we use to roast.  (More detail blogs will follow to fill in the details on each of these occurrences.)  Suffice to say, the beginning of Phoenix Roasters was not easy.  Nothing worthwhile usually is!  So as you drink a great cup of Phoenix Roasters reflect on some of what it has cost.  We can all say that it has been worth it!

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