Is it too good to be true? Seeing is believing!

I can tell you how great the Caballeros are at growing top 1% coffee, but you can taste that for yourself!  I can tell you about their wonderful farm and how meticulously that they care for it, but you can see that in the pictures of the farm.  I can tell you about the great things they are doing in their community, country and around the world, but you can see the videos for yourself. I can tell you how great they are as a family, but this, you have to see for yourself!

As I take groups to meet our coffee growers in Panama – the Caballero family, I tell them, “Watch the family.”  I have spent several weeks with the family.  I can honestly say that I have never met anyone like them before. They treat each other with such respect and dignity.  As I have watched them, I have seen patience, kindness and understanding personified.  I have seen them care for the indigenous families unlike anyone else.  The family meets practical needs by helping to feed, clothe and provide homes for their neighbors.  They continually look to do good for others by meeting needs.

They have challenged me personally like no other.  I have watched as they sing, laugh and have fun together.  I have watched them meet together and plan to do good for others.  I have watched them work together.  One thing though that I have never seen them do – mistreat one another.  I have never seen them mistreat anyone.  To say they are a remarkable family… well you will just have to come with us to the farm and meet them for yourself.  Then, after you have “watched the family,” you will agree with me – they are too good to be true!