I was listening to a local Christian radio station a few weeks ago talk about their immediate financial needs.  Their facilities needed some emergency repairs and the money just wasn’t there for the repairs plus monthly bills and salaries.  As the DJ continued to share, he reminded the listeners of the different ways this radio station helps share the life changing message of Jesus Christ.  They were listener supported and needed their listeners to help.  As I continued to drive down the road listening I realized Phoenix Roasters could help and was helping.  See this radio station had set up a greatcoffeegreatcause.com partner page the month before and had shared this opportunity with their listeners.  Not only had they told their listeners about how drinking Phoenix Roasters could help fund the station but placed a highly visible slide on their web site that directed people who clicked on it to their partner page at greatcoffeegreatcause.com.  Once they arrived at their partner page individuals could order coffee that would help the radio station financially.  $3 of every bag sold would go to the station and help keep them on the air fulfilling their mission of bringing hope and encouragement through Christian music and teaching.  I found myself talking out loud in my car to the radio saying “I have a $300 check coming your way next week.”  It was exciting to know that I was about to write a check that was desperately needed all because some people decided to drink great coffee while supporting a radio station who took the time to partner with Phoenix Roasters.

By the way, several days later I wrote the station their check and they reached their financial goal so they can continue doing what they are passionate about.

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