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Great Coffee

Phoenix Roasters coffee is made from the finest quality beans.



Great Cause

Using coffee to provide relief that transforms lives locally and globally.




Share your love for Phoenix Roasters with friends.


Meet the Cycle of Relief


“Business is about family.  If we treat our business, our employees, our neighbors, our friends, and our customers as if they are a part of our family, then our business will multiply along with our relief efforts around the world.”
- Lorenzo Caballero, Farmer
“The Global Cycle of Relief  is the unintended consequence of us saying ‘Yes’ when we felt we should help our broken and hurting neighbors here in Atlanta. You can’t control the amount of good that happens when you make the choice to help others.”
- Brian Holland, Founder
“We now have a full-on coffee ministry and are able to teach people about planting churches and doing various other ministries just by drinking coffee!”
- Shawn Critser, Partner

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